The ZS200 RYT


ZenSpot is excited to offer our 200-Hour YTT Intensive Program in Costa Rica in July 2019! 

This YTT200 is a transformative yoga training program rooted in the principles of Patanjali and ancient lineages that have inspired this 5000 year old tradition. Students of our program learn about yoga's teachings, knowledge and practices as well as how to deliver them in a modern culture that is both sacred and practical. This comprehensive program includes: Yoga History, Culture & Tradition, Yoga Asana Practice, Teaching Methodology & Practicum with Specialties & Modifications, Anatomy, Alignment, & Physiology, Ayurveda and Yoga Ethics.

Each program is a full 200-hour intensive that is taught in both an online format and onsite. Upon completion of both components of the program students will receive an 200-Hour YTT Yoga Alliance recognized certificate. Use this to teach anywhere in the world.

Course Emphasis

Yoga Practice, Pranayama & Meditation

Yoga Practice, Pranayama and Meditation involves extensive daily asana practice, comprehensive breathing & meditation to heighten the mind, body & spirit connection.

Teaching Methodology & Practicum with Specialties & Modifications

Teaching Methodology & Practicum provides in-depth analysis and application of teaching methodology to hone the understanding of postures, the grouping of poses and the readiness of both the instructor and the students. Also included in this section are experiences with special populations and modifications for students of all levels and abilities.

Anatomy, Alignment, & Physiology 

Anatomy, Alignment, Physiology & Ayurveda examines the body and its movement during asana practice, suitable alignment when doing yoga and the science behind it all. 


Known as "the science of life" the Ayurveda portion of the program considers all aspects of the students' physical, emotional and spiritual journey and its application to daily life in order to nourish a healthy mind, body & spirit.

Yoga History, Culture & Tradition

Yoga History, Culture & Tradition traces yoga’s origin and paths to the present day through a philosophical and theoretical context that touches upon foundational elements, key terms, traditions and concepts. Insight into the way yoga traces the basic concept of individual, cultural, social and cosmic order through Hindu/Indian history from the Upanishadic period (c. 600 BCE) to Gandhi and the present will be emphasized.

The Industry of Yoga & Teacher Ethics

Industry of Yoga & Teacher Ethics emphasize best practices and professionalism for those embarking on the new path of being a teacher.


Program Locations & Dates


Online Coursework: 2019 Dates Coming Soon!
Onsite in Jaco, Costa Rica Dates: 2019 Dates Coming Soon!