Functional Anatomy Part 1: Feet To Pelvis May 18-20 & June 1-3, 2018

Module Description: In this first module, students will learn basic principles of ball and socket joints and hinge joints and learn foundational concepts of joint mobility. Students will explore structural and functional anatomy of the feet, legs and pelvis, and also come to understand the inherent vulnerabilities of these joint structures. Students will practice teaching and adjusting in small groups to continue to refine efficacy and delivery of cueing and become skillful with hands-on assists.

You Will:

Learn how to work safely and effectively with the hip joint.
Learn how to work with knee and hip dysfunction, pain and injury.
Learn how to understand and communicate the actions of the legs and hip joint.
Learn how to balance flexibility and stability of the muscles and ligaments from the feet to pelvis in every category of yoga postures.

Learning Objective: To cultivate a deeper connection to your practice through knowledge of alignment principles.

Date: May 18-20 & June 1-3, 2018

 Essential Hot Yoga: 2122 South Broadway Avenue, Boise, ID 83706

Program Cost: $450 for 2 weekends (6 days)

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Applications: If you are already part of the 300-hour program you do not need to fill out an application. Instead, send an email expressing your intention on attending the module by clicking HERE. If you are a new applicant please apply by filling out the ONLINE APPLICATION HERE.

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