Module 2: Celebrate The Self & Other Living Beings

Module Description:
 How do we celebrate our unique gifts and those of others? How do we overcome the current culture of fear, hate anger and injustice? How do we soften ourselves in order to create an energetic shift toward positive transformation? What is our responsibility to these challenges that the world faces today as seekers on the path?

Module 2 of ZenSpot's 500-Hour YTT takes a deep dive into answering these questions through the examination of the yogic traditions. Calling this a mini-course on religions, philosophy and spirituality, Module 2 is focused on cultivating a mindfulness about diversity, discrimination and discernment and how all of these lead back to the very energy that binds us rather then that which divides us.

A retreat to the Hot Springs of Idaho City will be part of the program. 
Module Learning Objectives: To contemplate and cultivate the concept of difference and diversity in one's personal and teaching yoga practice.
Date: October 19- October 21, 2016.
Location: ZenSpot Boise: 913 S. Latah, Suite AB, Boise, ID 83705
Program Cost: $1,500. Does not include RT travel, lodging, meals, materials and incidentals.

Application Deadline: September 15, 2016.

Payment Deadline: Deposit of $500 due on September 15, 2016 and final balance of $1500 due October 1, 2016. Payment Plans available. Please contact ZenSpot for details via email or phone: 1-855-936-7768 x805


This program is for current yoga teachers or for those interested in the topic and have a yoga practice for at least 2 years and would like to have more skills and information about the concept of diversity.