Instructor: Kelli Harrington, Ed.D. & Michael Bittner, Ph.D.

Hot Yoga | Zen 60 is a hot vinyasa yoga practice that works all systems of the body, whereby you move continuously from one posture into the next without stopping. Whether practiced in a warm room or a location at room temperature, you will enjoy the many benefits that accrue from a comprehensive physical workout that unities the mind, body and spirit. Hot Yoga | Zen 60 reflects one of the hundreds of sequences practitioners experience at ZenSpot. Go where you are ready to go, listen, observe and have fun. Your perfect is where you are today.

Hot Yoga | Zen 60 will:
- Strengthen and tone muscles
- Increase flexibility and stimulate the metabolism
- Expand lung capacity and circulation
- Cleanse and detoxify the entire body
- Enhance the mind-body-spirit connection
- Provide guidance from certified instructors


Hot Yoga | Zen 60

Hot vinyasa yoga practice that works all systems of the body. Purchase the module to access the 60-minute video on your computer or tablet. More Info