Instructor: Christian Novetzke, Ph.D.

Seeing the Gods is the second in a three-course series on the fascinating and mystical world of India. It focuses on the Hindu gods and goddesses and how Hindus interact and worship these deities in daily life. Beginning with the theory of Darshan, course two focuses on Vishnu and Shiva and the gods and goddesses associated with these main deities.


The View of the Lord: The Theory of Darshan & the Primary Typology of Hindu Deities

Learn about the idea of Darshan and the basic types of Hindu deities. More Info

The Lord of the World: Vishnu, Lakshmi/Sri & Worldly Life

Learn which deities preside over worldly life in Hindu culture by exploring the characteristics and stories of Vishnu and Lakshmi/Sri. More Info

The Lord of Necessity: Vishnu’s Avatars & the History of the Hindu Cosmic World

Learn about the avatars of the god Vishnu and why Vishnu incarnates himself in the likeness of these avatars. More Info

Love & Longing: Krishna & Radha

Learn about one of Vishnu’s important avatars- Krishna and why he is so important in the Hindu cosmic world. More Info

The Lord of Yoga: Shiva, Parvati & Ganesh

Learn about the god Shiva, the goddess Parvati and their son Ganesh. More Info

The Fierce Mother: Shakti, Kali & Durga

Learn about the goddesses associated with Shiva that also become independent of Shiva and of any other god. More Info

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