Instructor: Christian Novetzke, Ph.D.

Hinduism 101 is the first in a three-course series on the fascinating and mystical world of India. Learn the basics of Hinduism, the core ideas and terms of the tradition and how these concepts interrelate to make up the culture. This course will specifically identify the core "problem" of Hinduism and provide an understanding of how yoga offers a solution to that "problem."


Preliminary Background: Religion in India

Learn about religion in India as a foundational backdrop and get a sense of the spiritual landscape in both the past and present society. More Info

The Old Ways: The Vedic World and Sacrifice

Learn where the concept of Yoga came from in India through the prehistory of the Vedic world and the Vedic sacrifice. More Info

The Old Gods: Vedic Deities

Learn about the tradition of Vedic deities in the rich tradition of India and how these deities contribute to the modern practices of Hinduism. More Info

Upanishads: The First Speculations

Learn about the first philosophies of Hinduism and how this context created Yoga. More Info

Cosmic Dharma: Brahman, Atman, Karma, Samsara and Moksha

Learn about the essential principles of Hinduism, what they mean and how they contribute to the historical context of Indian culture. More Info

Social Dharma: Varna, Ashrama and Purushartha

Learn about the way of life prescribed for Hindus in general in both historic and modern society. More Info

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