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Do you want to be the change you want to see in the world? Would you like to help others do the same?

The Life Coaching Advocacy Program cultivates the whole person to be a change agent for a world that deeply needs reorienting towards care and compassion. It is an advocacy program for finding one’s inner truth; for developing the strength to live one’s dharma; for standing up for the equal rights of all living creatures; and for taking responsibility for one’s actions.

This program is unlike any other- it is a call to action. It prompts introspection, emphasizes deliberation, challenges the status quo, fosters transformation and creates space for “why nots?” It will provide the critical key skill set for the next economic wave, where people will either see their connection with nature and one another.

The ZenSpot Life Coaching Advocacy Program is designed for working professionals who need flexibility and are seeking to enhance their knowledge and skill set. It is five intensive weekends that meet once per month with online curricular work in between each session. It is also for all those who would like to better understand their own abilities and interests and embark on a new career path. The program is designed around ZenSpot’s Core Values and invites everyone to be part of the change they want to see in the world just as Gandhi stated.

Join us. Next Session Starts: Saturday, February 4, 2017. 

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The Program meets on Saturdays and Sundays. 2017 Dates Are HERE!

Module 1: Be Fearless

Description: Being fearful limits growth in the body, mind and spirit. In this module we will examine the culture of fear, confront our own baggage and learn to let go. The result will be newly discovered opportunity and a sharpened awareness of what it means to be alive so that as a professional coach you can assist clients in cultivating a life-path that is fearless.

Session Dates: TBD

Module 2: Celebrate the Self & Other Living Beings

Description: Learning to let go of the ego facilitates growth. In this module we will study the ego and identify its limits to being a fully functioning healthy individual. The outcome will be to learn to check the ego in favor of the collective well-being for all. This skill will be cultivated so as a professional coach you can assist others in breaking down the barriers of the ego in order to live authentically and true. 

Session Dates: TBD

Module 3: Learn To Love

Description: Love and fear are two dominant emotions in all humans. Too often the emphasis is on fear and it becomes the default way of being. In this module we will examine the complexities of love and delve into the power of learning to love. The result will be a newfound appreciation for an inclusive way of being that will support your future clients in carving out a life-path that is supportive of their passions and desires.

Session Dates: TBD

Module 4: Cultivate Positive Energy

Description: Energy makes up everything, animate and inanimate. In this module we will study the nature of energy, positive and negative, in oreder to determine its relationship to health. The result will provide a blueprint for developing healthy lifestyles and assisting others in identifying people and situations that serve their life and those that do not.

Session Dates: TBD

Module 5: Live In Balance With The Environment

Description: Human life is inextricably linked with the health and welfare of other living forms and the planet. In this module we will examine the dangerous path humans have blazed and their impact on the very system that provides them with life. The result will be an understanding of the need for immediate action and a willingness to change behaviors and advocate for effective stewardship of our finite world. As a professional coach you will assist others in understanding that living an authentic life also brings with it a responsibility toward the planet and its advocacy.

Session Dates: TBD

Cost: TBD


Registration Deadline: TBD

Instructors: Michael Bittner, Ph.D. and Satyavani Kelli Harrington, Ed.D.

Payment Plans Are Available. Inquire via phone or email. 

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